JavaScript is hard!

I know I have been talking and writing a lot lately about the usual arguments in favor of hybrid app development. This post by Alfred Beiley inspired me to write another post specifically about certain JavaScript misconceptions. Before I begin, let me state that I highly respect Alfred’s professional opinions and that this is in no way meant to discredit him in any way. It is this kind of discussion that keeps us going and getting better, bringing our craft forward.

That being said, I believe he is all wrong regarding hybrid mobile development :-)

Especially in regards to JavaScript. For some reasons I try to explain below, people still tend to believe that JavaScript is easy and that you can go and turn a web site developer into a hybrid mobile web developer with ease. This is not the case, and if you don’t believe me, you might believe Douglas Crockford:

Most of the people writing in JavaScript are not programmers. They lack the training and discipline to write good programs. JavaScript has so much expressive power that they are able to do useful things in it, anyway. This has given JavaScript a reputation of being strictly for the amateurs, that it is not suitable for professional programming. This is simply not the case.

I think the language name is part of the problem. The suffix “script” gives it a derogatory feeling. “It’s just a little script I wrote”. Also the fact that, for many years, the main usage of JavaScript was to do visually appealing hover effects on website buttons doesn’t really give it a professional connotation.

Before node.js made JavaScript really popular outside of the browser, you could get away with throwing jQuery[mobile] into your pages and do the craziest DOM manipulations in order to get more complex tasks done. The thing to note here is that all of this is just UI work and 3rd party frameworks. And these are replaceable details that have to be interfaced away, at least in my books. Have you ever come across a complex web application, mobile or not, that is not completely tied to one or more specific JavaScript libraries? What would happen if you would want to replace one such library by another in the future? Most probably the total rewrite dance. Not good.

JavaScript is hard. Prototypical inheritance is not intuitive. If you learned class based inheritance with Java or C++, you will have a steep learning curve to climb with JavaScript. Also there is no compiler, so you have to revert to linting to avoid common mistakes, which encourages you to write even better and cleaner code than is possible with, for example, C++.

And then there is the development of complex applications. This involves organizing code, programming against interfaces, producing testable code, making use of inheritance, interfacing external dependencies away, and much more. I wonder how many JavaScript developers can implement the GoF patterns. I am sure most C++ and Java devs can implement at least the most common ones.

Ultimately, and this is a mobile only problem, hybrid apps are much harder to debug than native ones. Safari just recently introduced a debug bridge that supports attaching to a running web view. On the Android side this is also possible with Chrome, but only for Android 4.4 and higher. When chasing complex defects this can be a nightmare, so your code better be good and nicely structured.

What I am saying is, JavaScript is hard. Developing mobile Apps with JavaScript is even harder. Consider this before jumping on the hybrid wagon in your next project.


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