Get Rid of Man Boobs – Here’s the Magic Formula to Lose Man Breasts

Are you still wondering about the best way of get rid of man boobs? You are in the right place to find an answer. What you’re about to read will expose the magic formula to lose man breasts.

Alkaline Diet

The first step to get rid of man boobs is alkaline diet. What is alkaline diet?  Foods are divided in two groups: alkaline and acidic. Alkaline foods speed up your metabolism, make the digestive process more effective, makes you feel better and balance your hormones. Lemons, Asparagus, Onions, Carrots, Tomatoes, Fresh Corn, and Mushrooms are very effective alkaline foods.

Chest Focused Muscle Sculpting

Strength exercises like Decline bench press, Shoulder press, Standard bench press and Lat pull downs are great to build your pectoral muscles. Here is the thing: you must reducing man boobs by dieting then by doing cardio exercises and finally doing strength exercises. If you start with muscle sculpting exercises you may risk enlarging your breasts instead of losing them!

Chest Fat Burning Cardio

Aerobic exercises are crucial for lose man breasts.  Any sort of exercise that leaves you a little breathless and speeds up your heart rate fall into cardiovascular exercises. Just be consistent. Three to five times a week is what you want aim for.

Balancing Hormones

You can fulfill all the requirements above, but if you do not balance your hormones you will never get rid of man boobs! Eating alkaline foods is the first step to balancing hormones. Then you must follow a specific plan to bring back your testosterone to an ideal level.

In this article you have discovered the four building blocks that get rid of man boobs. Lose man breasts can be relatively easy once you know what steps you need to follow.